​Something to think about: 

  • When you feel like your most successful, happy self, what makes you feel that way?
  • ​What would your dream look like if you could wave a wand and make it happen?
  • ​What goal or dream have you given up on or failed at?

As a certified Life Coach Alice Baldwin can help YOU find your next adventure.

Coaching sessions with Alice are by telephone and/or Skype.  Initially, Alice asks you to fill out a questionnaire to help identify your specific needs.  A complementary coaching session will determine if Alice is the best coach for you.   Subsequent sessions can be scheduled weekly,  bi-weekly or monthly.  Coaching sessions are approximately one hour long. 

​​​​Ask Alice

​​​​​​Life Coach

​​Alice can help you, as you
remember the dreams you have had, and what you  wanted to accomplish in your life.  It's not too late! You can still make those dreams come true.   She can work with you to see what limiting beliefs might be holding you back from that next adventure.  Alice also works with the Law of Attraction to help you go forward to your new adventure. 

Helping You Help Yourself
To Live Your Best Life


Yes, I hear you.  You feel stuck where you are and want a change. You lost the love of your life and are feeling depressed and alone. You are the one going through a divorce.  You are the person who is retired and all of the sudden asks, what's next?   I HEAR YOU. 

​Alice will listen and help empower you for your next adventure.
Ask Alice

Life is a series of adventures.  

Where will your next adventure take you?